Inhlabathi means ‘our earth’. We seek to find the virtuous connections between Economy, Environment and Social Impact

Inhlabathi means ‘our earth’ and this is the reason behind starting our initiative. We strive to preserve and protect our precious earth and leave behind a legacy for our children and our children’s children.

Born from Avocado Vision, we seek to drive the commercial eradication of invasive trees that are draining our valuable water supply and degrading our farmlands. Our work is to create a significant social, economic and environmental impact in rural communities across South Africa by connecting small, rural, green businesses with local, national, and International markets.

Who we are

Inhlabathi is a passionate and experienced team of people, all experts in our various fields, who aim to build, invest in and integrate the Invasive and Alien Plant (IAP) biomass sector into the Green Economy. We work together to unlock latent profit and enhance positive environmental and social outcomes.

why we do it

We are incredibly passionate about our natural environment and our people. This is the driving force behind what we do and why we do it. The work we do has a dual impact on job creation in rural areas as well as helping rid areas of exotic plants that are harmful.

Invasive Alien Plants have a negative effect on:

  • Water Security
  • Land Degradation
  • Food Security

Inhlabathi bridges the gap between our local environment and local people in a mutually beneficial partnership. We see the opportunity to contribute to global sustainability through the Invasive and Alien Plant value chains. We also see the virtuous cycles offered by these value chains contributing positively to the sustainability and health of landscape, soil, water, and air.

what we do

We catalyse, invest and drive profitable and scalable businesses that add value to raw biomass mainly sourced from Invasive and Alien Plants. This creates higher-value products which supplies growing Green Economy markets and ultimately improves economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

We do this by partnering with innovative entities to integrate, develop, and control supply chains that broaden access to Invasive and Alien Plant markets, thus adding value, reducing costs and aggregating Invasive and Alien Plants biomass.


  • We clear thousands of hectares of invasive trees per year, increasing arable land availability and food security.
  • Our work in clearing invasive trees results in the release of billions of litres of water back into our water systems.
  • Reduction in fire risk
  • Greater protection for the soil
  • Restoration of biodiversity
  • Creation of thousands of viable and sustainable rural jobs supported by sustainable markets
  • Creation and growth of hundreds of sustainable rural SMMEs linked to local and global markets
  • Improves climate resilience of rural communities