Matatatiele Charcoal burners Christmas Bonus

Had a quick update from Jono this morning: Bongi is flying!! She and her team are producing daily burns of between 2 and 4 kilns.

But I just wanted to say with all the stresses and delays we end 2020 in a STRONG place.
Wattle trees are falling in Sibi and Colana, near Matatiele. Jono is VERY impressed with Ecochar’s clearing process, with hectares of wattle cleared already and correctly herbicided to prevent any regrowth.

Is this the first 100% cleared 100% commercially driven clear-felled wattle in Matatiele- maybe Eastern Cape? Probably.

Bongi is manufacturing tons of FSC charcoal. Possibly yesterday was a “1 ton burn”

Amo is hustling the market. Getting good prices and establishing long-term relationships.

This really feels like the beginnings of a long term, sustainable value chain, operated by small scale producers, and creating jobs right where they are needed: in rural areas!

Go Matat RMU!!

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