The virtuous circle closes

Building a successful ‘business in a box’ concept that can be replicated and scaled is a journey of a million stops and starts. Every tiny link in the value chain needs to be applied, tested, reviewed and applied again. We are planning on selling the Matatiele artisan charcoal to E&C Charcoal in huge interlinks as soon as the guys are able to reliably produce a ton a day per producer. But in the interim, our producers needed Christmas money, and so started looking at some local markets to sell the bags of charcoal to. Then, Nico from Cut ‘n Craft, a deli in Kensington, Johannesburg, fell in love with the story of water, rural jobs and creating opportunities for rural SMMEs and insisted we drive up some bags for him to test with his clients. Was a lovely proud day to see our bags displayed on his shelves.

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